When is the Best Time to Do Cardio? Rise and Shine, or Wait for Prime Time?

So, you’ve made up your mind to finally get in shape, and you’re wondering: “When is the best time to do cardio?” Is it better to start your day when most people are still snoozing, or should you hold off until the evening when you can relax post-work? Fear not, fitness friend. We’ve got the lowdown for you.

When is the Best Time to Do Cardio?

Morning: Rise & Shine… or Snooze?

Ah, mornings, the time when birds are chirping, the sun is rising, and you have to use a crowbar to peel yourself out of bed. If you can manage to get out of your cozy cocoon, doing cardio in the morning offers some great benefits.

Rise & Shine... or Snooze

  1. Boost Your Metabolism: You get to kickstart your metabolism, burning calories even when you’re daydreaming about lunch later.
  2. Consistency: Fewer distractions, meaning you’re more likely to stick with it. Unless, of course, you find the snooze button extra appealing.

Warning: Morning cardio may lead to excessive morning cheerfulness. Approach non-morning people with caution.

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Afternoon: The In-Between

Not a morning person? That’s fine. Your gym membership doesn’t expire if you miss the sunrise workout session.

  1. Optimal Body Temperature: Your body has warmed up, but you’re not yet drained from the day’s tasks.
  2. Better Performance: You’re awake, you’ve had your coffee, and your playlist is bangin’. Time to beat that personal record!

Note: Avoid scheduling your cardio session during your work’s ‘urgent meeting’ hours unless you can run as fast as your email notifications.

Evening: Night Owls Unite!

For all you night owls out there, the evening can also be an excellent time to do your cardio.

  1. Stress Relief: Had a hard day? Imagine your stress as calories and burn them away.
  2. Full Gym Amenities: Most people are home by now, so you’ll have the gym to yourself—or at least a bit more room to maneuver.

Side Effect: You may become too energized to fall asleep immediately. It is not recommended for anyone who has an early date with a conference call.


Morning, afternoon, or evening—it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re lacing up those sneakers and hitting the track, treadmill, or trails. What are you waiting for? Carpe that diem—or night, whatever works for you!

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